Welcome to WonderSchool.

WonderSchool provides schools in the cloud, where students can collaboratively, in small groups, learn and wonder.

Wonderland, our virtual world based on the OpenWonderland toolkit, is at the moment the only virtual world, with extended tools like video and audio recording and playback, an in-world window with a whole computer, to be used collaboratively among all visitors, drag and drop images or documents or pdfs from your desktop into Wonderland, drag and drop 3d objects, and import 3d animations.

Rent a cloud server from WonderSchool with your ready to use, secure and private virtual working space. Your company, university or school can rent our secure virtual world environment in the cloud, for meetings, seminars, workshops and exhibitions.

WonderSchool offers cloud servers with virtual environments based on OpenWonderland, OpenSim, and Active World. Virtual meeting rooms save costs on travel, support distributed teams and improve collaboration amongst staff and students.

Our cloud computer center (HP and Cisco routers and switches, Oracle Sparc servers) has the highest security level. WonderSchool is HIPAA compliant, you can add biometric access control to your virtual world. Our servers have a fast internet connection, up to 10 Gb, upstream and downstream. Our computer centre has the following certifications: ISO 27001, ISAE 3402 type 1 and 2, NEN 1010. NEN 3140

In your virtual world, based on the OpenWonderland toolkit, you can work with any external program you like. You can, for example, open a browser, or use the CMU program ALICE to create animations and learn to program. You can work in small groups in-world and then drag and drop your completed animations into your virtual world and be immersed in your animations.

You can work collaboratively with your ERP and CRM program, Office, Maya, 3DStudioMax, Blender and Sketchup, and interact with, for example, the high-performance live rendered animations from COMSOL.

Please get in touch for a demo and to learn more about our services: Contact

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Alice in Wonderland

Wonderland on your iPad, proof of concept:

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  • Please feel free to login as guest, click Launch (java web start) and then ok to login and explore Wonderland.
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    Java for PC info
    A PC /notebook /laptop needs a video card driver with support for OpenGL 2.0
    To see your OpenGL version there is a tool glview
    How to update your video card driver link
    how to clean and update your pc:
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